The Eleven: Essential Keys to Certain and Stellar Success. Book cover.

The Eleven

Essential Keys to Certain and Stellar Success

Destiny starts with desire. The desire to be. To do. To become.

In this short but powerful book, author Les Culver explores the essential components of peak performance, and delivers a set of “keys” that if followed will lead to success and fulfillment in your professional and personal life.

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“A modern-day classic…”

—Yuri Konstantinov

“This book is a must read.
A handbook for anyone who wants to strive toward greatness and achieve the best, whether artist, athlete or businessman.”

—Thomas H. Larsen

Exhilarating, empowering and optimistic!

Judy “Ann”

The Eleven teaches the secrets of success. Each key is explained fully in the book.
But to pique your interest, here are…

The “Keys”

  1.  Commit to being one of the top three professionals on the planet at what you do.
  2.  Live for your work and perfect it every day of every year.
  3.  Affirm authenticity: Apply your gifts and exercise your values.
  4.  Champion preparation: Expertly know what you do. Counsel with the best minds and spirits. Set and maintain clear priorities and boundaries.
  5.  Be 99.9% confident. If you’re not, do what you need to do to gain it.
  6.  Clarify outcome and purpose: Know what you want down to the finest detail and why. Next, and most importantly, ‘ask’ for what you want constantly throughout your day—seek it, see it, qualify it and act on it.
  7.  Find efficiency in your every action. Do only what you can do and delegate the rest to others. Do what brings you joy. In between activities, spend time for rest and relaxation. Care for your health.
  8.  Develop a deep intuitive understanding for everything, an ability to perceive the truth in all matters—even when those things are unseen to the eye.
  9.  Show up every day. Be determined. Have faith that all will work out.
  10.  Live with financial resources and emotional support at hand. Exist in an environment that empowers you.
  11.  Show kindness and express gratitude for everything and to everyone in your life.
Photo of author Les Culver.

Author Les Culver

The Eleven represents a new and vital work by author Les Culver. It examines the conditions and immanent powers that define us as people and destine our professional lives. More than a book on peak performance, this work furnishes the reader with a set of “keys” that, faithfully executed, will deliver success to anyone, anywhere.

Les credits a “search for a solution” and the “temperings” of life as helping him to develop his Eleven “blueprint.” With over two decades of business experience serving as executive and consultant, together with over a decade of higher education, Les brings a rich mix of theory and practice. Among his achievements is the key role he played in leading the unprecedented growth of an organization from startup to #343 on Forbes’ list of “Biggest Companies.” Yet, as Les points out, success is more than the actions we take and goals we accomplish in life—it’s who we become as people that gives us our greatest sense of fulfillment.


In the early 1990s, Les was granted the opportunity to study first-hand Russia’s system of preparing and developing performing artists. In addition to advancing a conversant mindset and refining his sensitivity to the subtle and complex processes of such work, the possibility to live in Russia for six-and-a-half years and interact with its people, academic milieu, as well as rich literary, philosophical and scientific thinking afforded him an intimate experience of Russia’s world-class training methods as concealed in natural, historical, psychological and intellectual depth.

The eventual awarding of his PhD in Musical & Theatrical Art Research from the St. Petersburg State Conservatory represents the first time an American ever received such a degree from any institute in Russia.

Today, Les serves as an instructor at the University of Southern California and works as a consultant and speaker. An avid yoga practitioner and screenwriter, Les is active in the development of a drama series for television as well as a documentary film scheduled to complete in 2018. He lives with his wife Olga in Los Angeles.

The Eleven: Essential Keys to Certain and Stellar Success. Book cover.

The Eleven Keys

Unlock your potential today. Achieve unparalleled success.

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